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Balboa Junior High School

This photograph of Balboa Junior High School is undated.   Can anyone help us identify what year this photo may have been taken?




  • Robert Dryja

    My 8th grade junior high school general science and math classes were in this building during the 1960/61 school year. I remember the building looking the same as in the photograph. The photograph therefore may have been made at this time or a few years shortly before. I also had classes at what had been the Balboa Elementary school, walking across the street between the two buildings

    I attended 7th grade junior high school at the Diablo school in 1959/60. Additional science classrooms were being built in a new building at this time at the Balboa High School campus. I imagine that I was a part of the baby boom generation and school buildings were faced with overcrowding until new construction was completed.

  • Carl N. Berg, of Cocoli

    From Sept. 1954 to May 1955, I attended 7th grade in this building; and from Sept. 1955 to May 1956, I attended 8th grade. The street outside was Lawrence Johnson Place, which was also the bus lane at the back of the adjacent Balboa High School. The junior high was built as two-story wood frame on concrete block piers with typical corrugated sheet roofing, standard gable design along the length with hip design on both ends. Date of construction is beyond my knowledge. I don’t think the building was air-conditioned, as I remember only open windows. In the January 1978 Pan-Canal Co Telephone Directory map pages, this building is shown as having number 707, the BHS building numbered 704. My 7th grade homeroom teacher was Miss Waulbaum; in 8th grade, Miss Wagner, who taught Spanish. After we had lunch, some of us boys would gather around the front end of the junior high building and trade jokes, Dougie Chassin being the best joke teller.
    –Carl N. Berg, of Cocoli


    No idea when the photo was taken. I attended 7th grade at BJHS September 1949 to June 1950 and the building appeared just as in the picture. Mr. Castle, I think was the Principal and his office was just inside the entrance nearest the high school side of the building. I don’t remember names of the teachers but I recall one teacher, male, who threw blackboard erasers or chalk at students who annoyed him, he didn’t last long. By and large the teachers were all nice and the experience there was terrific. Another, a male science teacher had us write an essay about what each of us imagined the world would look like 25 years out (1975). Looking back, I don’t think any of us predicted putting a man on the moon.

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