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Physical Education Rompers

Does this familiar attire bring back memories of Canal Zone P.E. class? After speaking with some members of the Friends of the PCMC, rompers seem to be making a comeback—-in male fashion! Would you wear one again? Thanks Peggy Huff for the hilarious article link!

The Male Romper Has Come to Claim Your Masculinity. Enjoy It.

Cristobal High School Gym Uniform, 2011.999.283, Panama Canal Museum Collection, George A. Smathers Library, University of Florida


Cristobal High School Girls, Miss J.J. Banichar, Physical Education Teacher, March 1944. PCM Link


  • Doris Ehrman Monaco

    If all the buttons were there and if you had a tie. Not bad. And if the elastic around the legs weren’t stretched you were in good shape!

  • Laura Anderson

    At CJHS & BHS we used to wear a similar romp jumpsuit however the pockets were colored based on your size. They were always really baggy anyways and left alot of leg room so we can run track really well in those. Good memories!

  • Evangeline "Eva" Thompson

    Our gym uniform were these totally awful, amorphous-tho-comforable baggie white garments. Pockets identified the sizes… pink, yellow, green, or blue. At Cristobal girl’s locker room, the always smiling and cheerful, Doris would hand you a wire basket with a uniform and a towel. Wherein you couldnplace your clothes and purse, etc for her safekeeping.

    At CHS you changed in private dressing areas unlike at CJHS where dressing for gym was a hellish and embarrassing experience of getting completely undressed in front of everyone in a locker room that was more like a concentration camp where you were robbed of every vestige of human dignity. Not to mention getting completely naked in front of everyone to shower in an open room with multiple showerheads. It was traumatizing!!!
    When I refused to undress in public, I was written up for Insubordination by “gym mistress” Coach Collins… instead of a whip, she wore a whistle round her neck… I would still send her to Hellina handbasket if she were alive, but maybe she beat me there with her own hall pass.

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