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    “Walking on Water” in the Panama Canal

    Another day, another interesting item found in the Panama Canal Museum Collection! We came across these photos, as well as newspaper clippings, which revealed to us the story of Walter Robinson “walking on water.” Specialist Robinson spent his spare time working on his invention which allowed him to “walk” across the Bay of Panama. These “water shoes” were the first of their kind in that they were stable enough for the wearer to propel themselves across rough waters and to navigate around obstacles. Robinson patented the invention, which was made of plastic foam and fiberglass, and tested it at the Clayton Teen Club. From these tests, he determined that one…

  • Stories from The Zone

    Oral Histories

    If you are interested in listening to stories from the Canal Zone, as told by the people who lived there, you will want to check out the collection of fabulous oral histories we have in the Panama and the Canal Digital Library Collection.   Click here to browse the collection of oral histories   You just may find a recording from a friend or relative– and maybe hear a story you’ve never heard before!