Creatures of the Zone

Coatis and snakes and sloths, oh my! Here is a selection of animal photos from the collection. Which wild animals did you frequently see in the Canal Zone? Were they in residential areas? Which animals were popular among Zonians, and which were notorious?

KIC Image 0001Sloth, 1930’s

KIC Image 0002Fer-de-lance snake, 1930’s

KIC Image 0003Boa constrictor, 1930’s

KIC Image 0004Wild peccary, 1930’s

KIC Image 0005Wild coatis and white-faced monkeys inhabiting Ancon Hill, March 9, 1949

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  • Robert Dryja

    Williamson Place was an area of Balboa that had 12 family apartment buildings during the 1950’s and 1960’s.. The buildings were made of wood and built above ground. The ground level had parking spaces for cars. One family kept a large cage outside at the ground level. Approximately 8 marmoset monkeys were kept in it. Two families lived in a duplex a short distance from Williamson Place. The duplex similarly was made of wood and above ground. One family kept a spider monkey in a cage on their side while the other family had a fish pond on their side.

    I had a pet boa constrictor at my home. Mom and I would feed it once a week with hamburger meat. Mom would hold it upright and pry its month open with her fingernails. I then would push the hamburger down its throat and massage toward its stomach.

    There was a small neighborhood swimming pool where we lived in the Balboa Heights area when I was in high school. An anteater occasionally would crawl under the surrounding fence an be found swimming in the pool.

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