The Art of the PCMC

In addition to documents, photographs, and artifacts, we have a collection of art here at the PCMC. Please enjoy these Canal Zone scenes by Al Sprague, Jerry Fields, and B. Sturtevant Gardner.


Al Sprague, selections from The Panama Canal: A Profile in Paintings series, 1974KIC Image 0002KIC Image 0003KIC Image 0004


Jerry Fields, “4th of July Ave.” print, 1978KIC Image 0007


B. Sturtevant Gardner, detail of “Roosevelt Avenue, Balboa C.Z.” painting2019-03-13 12.10.22


  • Sheila Phelps

    Does anyone have any information about the Roosevelt Hotel that was on Fourth of July Avenue? We lived there in the early 70’s. My husband was in the Army and he did not have enough tank to live in the CZ. Lots of Army, Navy, Airforce and Marines lived the

  • Fred Sill

    B. Sturtevant Gardner (“Miss Gardner”) taught art in Balboa High School in the 1950s. She was a no-nonsense disciplinarian (as I remember) and showed us that she had more sensitive side when she painted a large mural of Christ taming the waves on the sea of Galilee in Cathedral of St. Lukie in Ancon. Another well known artist in the community was Betty Bentz, wife of the General Counsel of the Panama Canal. She gave classes in painting, and one could admire her work when displayed in exhibits at the Tivoli Hotel.

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