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We’ve Been Under Construction

dredgecropBucket dredge barge working on the Culebra Cut, 1910.

You may have noticed the PCMC Blog has been silent for the past couple months. During that time, we’ve been under construction getting a new look. The blog’s new layout allows for easy navigation and searching and is more mobile-friendly than the previous version. All blog posts and comments from the previous version have been transferred over. Commenting on posts is just as easy as before – simply type your name, email, and comment and click “post comment.”

The blog’s URL has changed from to While the old URL will automatically redirect to the new site for at least a year, it’s a good idea to update your bookmarks now.

Please let us know in the comments below you have any questions about how to navigate the blog’s new layout and we will do our best to assist you!



  • Catherine Ryan

    Good afternoon. I have a year book from Cristobal College from 1931 . It belonged to a Grandaunt of mine Mrs Madge Reidy Butler RIP who was a librarian at the school in Canal Zone. She was Irish by birth from Bunmahon, Co. Waterford . Southern Ireland .
    Would it be of any use to you ? as I am now in my 70’s and am doing a clear and tidy up . As none of my children are interested, as they never knew Aunty Madge and my Minnesota relatives are of the same age as I am and are in the same position as I am , trying to clear out so that our children won’t have the clear up to do .
    Would you like it for your archives ? I will willingly send it to you by post . If the answer is YES please send me details of : the person to whom it is for the attention of ; the full address with postal codes etc . Otherwise I’ll destroy it sensibly .
    Very many thanks for reading this post and God Bless You .
    Catherine (Ryan) . Dublin . Ireland .

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