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Your Impact

Your Impact

Part three of our three-part series, Your Knowledge, Your Stories, Your Impact

In this last post of the series, we would like to acknowledge the wonderful impact that our blog readers and followers have had on the Panama Canal Museum Collection so far and thank you all for your participation and engagement with the collection’s online presence—your contributions are showing in the numbers and beyond!

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Your Impact By the Numbers

WordPress allows us to capture a variety of site analytics.  With this information, we can see which posts receive the most views, are shared the most, and receive the most (or fewest) comments, among other insights.  This allows us to tailor the content of the blog in a way that we hope will make it most relevant to our readers.

Here is a sample of those numbers:

  • More than 220 comments have been shared on our 175 posts, adding valuable information to our records
  • 76 of you officially “follow” the blog
  • On average, 58 of you view the blog each day, posting about 38 comments per month
  • Since our first post, you have contributed to the more than 3,800 views to the blog
  • The PCM Collection blog has been viewed in 40 countries on 5 continents (Most popular are the US, Panama, and Brazil)

Those are impressive stats, considering the short time that the blog has been active!  We hope that you will continue to interact with us, as it has made such a positive impact on the blog and helped us increase its reach.  Also be sure to share links to the blog with your friends and family who may be interested.  And, if you haven’t already, you can follow us to receive posts directly via email.

On the right side of the blog, there is a box that says Follow by Email (see below).  Simply enter your email address into the box and click Follow.  You will then begin to receive a copy of each new blog post directly to your email, as soon as it is posted.

Enter your email address and click "Follow" to receive an email each time a new blog post is added.
Enter your email address and click “Follow” to receive an email each time a new blog post is added.

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You Can Impact the Future of the PCM Collection Blog

Using the same type of information as above, we are also able to track individual visits and comments on specific posts, to see which posts get the most traffic.

The Top 5 Most Popular Posts are:

Children’s Flag Ceremony

Canal Zone Police

Volunteer Spotlight: Stephanie

First Place in the Cayuco Race

Girl Scouts

This information can help us make our future posts more interesting and relevant to you as we can begin to recognize the types of objects that resonate most and spark the most discussion.

While we will continue to observe the blog’s analytics for trends, that is not the only way we determine the types of posts to make.  Your individual feedback is extremely important in shaping the content of the posts, so we encourage you to continue your impact by using the Contact section of the blog to ensure that your ideas are captured.

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Your Valuable Impact on Current and Future UF Students

The PCM Collection blog is also an educational tool that can play a role in educating future generations.  Here, your knowledge and stories are captured in a way that makes it possible to add this information to the library’s database, where it can be accessed by students and researchers studying the Panama Canal and Canal Zone.

Education is also taking place behind the scenes, as our bloggers are all University of Florida students!  We have a wonderful corps of student volunteers who select, scan, edit, upload, and write the posts that appear on the blog every day.  These students come from a variety of academic departments and while not all of them study Latin America or the Panama Canal, they are all very serious students with a sincere interest in the PCM Collection.

Our bloggers work hard to create relevant and interesting daily posts.   Yet, because they did not grow up in the Canal Zone, they simply do not have the same knowledge base as many of our readers.  So while we try to mitigate any errors that may appear in blog posts, mistakes can sometimes serve to point out good areas of focus for orientation or review, since the collection is so large and contains many lifetimes’ worth of knowledge.  To that end, we rely on the patience of all our Zonian experts as we educate a new and very interested generation of people.

♦ ♦ ♦

Thank you all so much for your many contributions to this collection.  Your knowledge, your stories and your impact all serve to place the objects in the PCM Collection in a larger and richer context, making them an invaluable resource for research and education at the University of Florida.

Please continue to share your experiences and ideas with us in the comments and via the Contact form!  Your continued participation will help make this blog a fun and engaging online connection to the Panama Canal Museum Collection.

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