• Suzanne Schmidt Goldstein

    This fish washed up dead and emaciated from illness and was still over 900 lbs. It was not caught. The boy peeking out and holding up pectoral fin is Theodore Schmidt and not John Schmidt. I do not believe that is Marie Schmidt.

  • Joanne Steiner Robinson (195l graduate BHS)

    Leo Kriiziza, retired PanCanal employee living in Florida, has a similar Marlin that he caught which hangs in his trophy room. My Brother, Romie, son of Jerome Steiner, Treasurer PC-CZ Govt.,
    caught an 800 pound Maiko Shark on rod/reel. When hauling it onto dock the boat lift wench broke.
    Panama was “fishing paradise” for many years!

  • Suzanne Schmidt Goldstein

    More to add….. the fish was a 965 lbs. Pacific Black Marlin found on the beach at Balboa, Canal Zone July, 1937. It was almost dead. I have this photo plus two more.

  • Waldo Gilley (Mech Supv Pacific Locks)

    I worked with Ted in 1960 with Power Branch. He was an elect. & brother worked at gas station in La Boca. The Schmidt family started the “bill fishing” in Panama. Their boat was used by John Wayne & many other Hollwood people.

  • Suzanne Schmidt Goldstein

    Zane Grey’s only fishing in Panama Pacific waters was with the Schmidts on the Caiman (I) in the early 30s. He did not catch a marlin and did not fish Pinas Bay area. They only fished around Perlas Islands. He was to return for an extended trip on their new Caiman II but died before it was completed.

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