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The caption on the back reads “Bob Worsley 1950’s??” Please help us learn more about this image.02-38-13-7_0001What event is this image capturing? ¬†Who are the men featured in the foreground? Are they in the military and are they receiving medals?

If you have any information about the photograph, please share with us in the comments section!


  • robert sprague

    The third man, going from right to left, looking at the picture appears to be Canal Zone College teacher, Subert Turbyfill. It seems to be a Scout-related meeting, probably in the 1950′ s possibly at the Balboa Yacht Club. They may be wearing Eagle Scout medals. At Turbyfill’s right might be Judge Deming, Balboa Magistrate Court judge…but I am not sure..ask hes son, John Deming.

  • Mark Driscoll

    The second man, going from right to left, is Mr. Vincent Biava. He lived in Gamboa, worked for the Dredging Division, and was a Scout Master – making men out of boys – for many years. He was also on the Canal Zone draft board.

  • allan hawkins v.

    May be Scouting event…..Big man seated on left is Pete Peterson and man second from right is Mr Biava our Gamboa scout leader…

  • allan hawkins v.


    Bob Worsley was a very strong supporter of the Canal Zone Boy Scouts of America and the Balboa Union Church. I believe he worked for Union Oil because he lived in the Union Oil housing on the side of Sosa Hill facing La Boca Road (but see note below). The one-lane road/driveway to his home started up Sosa Hill between the end of Tavernilla Street and the entrance to the tank farm across the street from the entrance to old Williamson Place on LaBoca Road. His home was the next to the last home on that road/driveway.

    Since he was more active with Boy Scout, the ages of those in the picture and the neckties not tucked into the shirts (Army standard at that time), that this was a gathering of Boy Scout leaders.

    Note: Bob Worsley is mentioned in where it stated that “Bob Worsley came as a paymaster for the Canal”.

    I don’t recognize any others in the picture.

  • John Schmidt ( BHS 50 )

    2nd man standing from the left is: C. R. Taht. Mr Taht was the “long time” Scouting Leader in Pedro Miguel.

    On my Cub as well as Scout ID card, he has signed both. Cub Scout Pack 11 Pedro Miguel is dated 11 June 1942. My Card # is 975228. The Boy Scout Card # is A 5311295, and that is for Troop 11, Pedro Miguel, and Mr. C. R. Taht has signed that as well. Best I can remember is that the C. stood for Charles.

    I have several small photos taken of both Cub and Boy Scouts in Pedro Miguel. as well as one group photo taken a Scouting Jamberee in Margarita. I can identify most of those in these photos.

    If these photo’s would be useful for the Museum collection, I would be happy to share copies.

  • Bill Fall

    Mr Worsley (first on left standing) was the scout master for Troop 21 Balboa Union Church and later assisted the scout master for many years in the late 50s and early 60s when I was a member. He used to drive us to campouts in his open air jeep. He told us he worked for the canal commission but resigned to work for the oil company. He had some great stories about those times. In those years, he lived on Fourth of July Ave and had his own shipping agency. He was a super role model and taught us scouts much about scouting and how to a be good person. I remember a scout leader medal called the Silver Beaver that he wore around his neck on a ribbon. “Silver Beaver is an award given to adult scout leaders who have made an impact on the lives of youth through service given to the council. It is given to those who do not actively seek it.” Perhaps this is a ceremony to award these other gentlemen the same honor. The medal is suspended on a blue and white ribbon.

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