Object of the Day

50 Meter Freestyle Ribbon

Happy Friday! We have found more sports related objects in our collection and are hoping to learn more about them.


What school and/or event is this ribbon from? When and where was this ribbon handed out? Was it part of an award ceremony?

Who did they give these ribbons out to?

Have you ever owned one? Have you participated in a swimming competition in Panama?

If you have any information about these ribbon, please share with us in the comments section!


  • Jim

    This is probably an older version of the ribbons the schools gave out at swim meets. We used to give out lots of ribbons for our four school swim meets, though they were a slightly different style than this one. The event was on the ribbon and after the places were announced by the volunteer score keeper students could go get their ribbons, Blue for first, Red for second, White for third. I used to have to fill them out for each of our events on the meets BHS sponsored. My son who swam for four years had a pile of these.
    Jim Sweeney former Swim Coach Balboa Bulldogs

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