Object of the Day

A Man Drinking Coca Cola

Please help us learn about this coca cola drinking man.IMGDo you recognize him? What is his job? Why is he on this platform in the water?

What body of water is this? Is it the canal, ocean, or a lake? What is the structure behind him?

If you have any information about this image, please share your knowledge with us in the comments section!



  • Larry Parks

    I know nothing about the man or photo but I do know where it is. He is near the bridge support for the Thatcher ferry bridge at the Pacific entrance to the Canal near the town of La Boca.. He seems to be about a third of the way across between the old ferry landings.

  • Skip Mendenhall

    I remember someone had invented what was referred to as “water shoes” (not sure of the correct name). I saw a person using them on the canal side, off the causeway, in the late around 1975-1977. Never knew his name

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