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Archery Judge

According to the record, we know this photograph was taken in the 1950s.


Can anyone help us to identify this archery judge?  There is no name included in the object record.

What memories do you have of practicing archery in school?

Please share with us in the comments section below!


  • Beth Lockridge Huls

    I believe that is my Dad, Buck Lockridge, who became Director of Physical Education and Recreation for both sides of the Zone. Beth Lockridge Huls

  • Ralph Leisy

    Owen Sutherland and I had a shoot-off for the CZ Championship the summer of 1950 I believe. In Pedro Miguel, we had over 100 shooters daily in the summer and went swimming in the afternoons to cool off except for the summer of a big Polio scare.
    My Dad, Henry Leisy, loved archery and had almost every kid in town involved. Billy Hatchett excelled when we walked up the hill along the Third Rapid Trail and shot paper targets.

  • Fred Sill

    Hi, Ralph… My sister Mary and I were amongst all the kids at your dad’s archery classes. She was great. I was lousy. But I did manage, one year, to get a little bronze medal, and see my name in the “Star and Herald”. (I didn’t realize at the time that it would be a memory I’d keep for the rest of my life.) Those single file archery hunts along the trail to Third Rapids you mention — passing “Zero”, First, and Second Rapids — were great! Small paper cutouts of snakes, coatis, turtles, etc., hidden in the brush. Whoever was the first to spot one was given chance to shoot at it from the trail. If he hit it, he went to the head of the line. If he missed, he went to the end of the line, and the guy or gal behind him got the chance. P.S. Your dad, “Mr. Leisy”, was someone none of us will ever forget.

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