• Nina Brown Kosik

    It was taken after 1943 as Balboa High School (in the background) graduated it’s first class that year. Both buildings still stand & are in use (BHS as an ACP training center & the fire station as a fire station). Well maintained.

  • Kathy Egolf

    The wooden building directly behind the concrete fire station indicates that the photograph was taken no later than in 1963, when a concrete school building (auditorium/music building) was built to replace the wooden building. For at least part of its existence, the wooden building was used for high school classes. In 1957-58 I had a class there..

  • Robert Dixon Gordon

    A view of the former canal zone fire station, way back in the those years when the canal was operated by the Panama canal company. After years of providing fire protection to the area in general, and after the the implementation of those treaties, the building itself is actually occupied by the Panama Bomberos, to this date and time. They normally respond to fire and/or all emergency situations in Balboa, Gorgas, Balboa heights and sometimes they are dispatched to the down town area in Panama, to attend to fires there. The switch board for all emergency response, is actually located at the Canal protection division headquarters located at the Corozal complex. Whenever the security guard dispatcher receive a fire alarm activation at the administration building, or the gym, they swiftly dispatch,
    the Balboa company, accompanied by their ambulance. Upon their arrival, they would attend to the situation while Company six (6) and it’s respective ambulance # 1, is dispatched from the east side of Miraflores locks. They receive all instructions from the guard dispatcher at the guard station. There is much more protocol to the issue, which is too extensive for me to explain. At this time and date, The Balboa fire station basically look’s the same. Robert Dixon, retired security officer, sector supervisor, from the Panama Canal commission, and I stayed on with the (ACP) to ensure that the canal is being operated in an democratic manner, until the year 2012, when I left with a total of 42 years and five months of service. For two years in a row, I was assigned to the headquarters at station-10, in Corozal as a fire and emergency dispatcher, for the canal protection division and during this period, I only had one “dead”, on my watch, before returning to the field.

  • DLFrench05@aol.com

    I remember seeing the Balboa Fire Station during the years I went to high school. I remember a boyfriend Paul Reynolds his father was a fireman at the fire station. You can see the high school in the picture in the background. Diane French

  • Robert Dryja

    My elementary school class went to the fire station when I was in about 3rd grade, or about 1955. The sleeping quarters for the firemen were on the second floor of the building. There was a circular hole in the floor with a pole going down through it. A fireman could quickly slide down the pole in an emergency rather than using the stairs. All of us children were very impressed with this.

  • Lesley Hendricks

    I think this picture is from the middle 50s. I knew 2 of the firemen in the picture. The auditorium in back of the fire station was already there my junior and senior years (1962/63).

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