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    I started swimming there at nine years old after moving to the Pacific Side from the Atlantic Side. I took my life guard lessons at twelve at the Balboa pool. I quit as all the kids in my class we a lot older making me feel odd. This is where I went swimming when I took PE in Junior High School. When I was a teenager sometimes would go swimming here on the weekends with my friends usually to flirt with the male lifegueard. I remember seeing swimming meets here. Then when my son was about five years old he took swimming lessons here!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew one teenager who I was in love with drown here in a swim meet when I was on vacation in the US. I knew different people who lived in the houses behind the swimming pool during the years. I would park my car in back of the swimming pool building in this picture when I got my driver’s license in 1962.

  • Edie

    This photo perspective is from behind the Balboa Clubhouse looking towards Sosa Hill and the two story concrete block houses are those facing Tavernilla Street. They were built in 1914 and were some of the original Balboa townsite quarters, designed by Austin W. Lord.

    • Edie

      Sosa Hill is to the right and these houses were built on the “toe” of the Hill. The center wooden house is one of the older French era houses built when the original townsite of La Boca (on the other side of the hill facing the Rio Grande and the entrance to the channel which became the Pacific entrance to the Canal) was built.

  • Jim

    This is a very old picture before the fence went up, the stands and more modern houses built on Sosa Hill. The bath house continued in use for the time when I worked at the pool from 1972 until 1999. The scene is from where a newer club house was later built next door to the Balboa Theater.
    Jim Sweeney, former swim coach BHS Bulldogs

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