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Battery passing the reviewing stand

We don’t have much information on this record. Please help us add more to this record!


What model vehicle is being used in this photograph?

What are these trucks transporting?

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  • bkarrer2013

    This is mid-1930s & the trucks are sporting listening devices & apparently searchlights. Mine all seem to be at Albrook AFB/ Clayton. Have seen quite a few similar parades & am confident in this. Bob Karrer

  • Lance Terrell

    As per Karrer above, these are 1933 (approx.) GMC trucks (see strip ornament on hood sides) carrying aircraft searchlights and towing trailers with aircraft listening devices (acoustic horns) for detecting aircraft before the advent of radar. Soldier in passenger seat in nearest truck is carrying his unit’s guidon, while soldier on trailer is sitting at attention. Note safety chains between truck and trailer, in case towbar becomes unattached. All the trucks have radiator guards mounted in front of their radiators and exterior visors mounted over their windshields.

    • Lance Terrell

      The same type military truck and trailer with the searchlight and aircraft listening device unit is shown in the blog archives for March 2014.

  • Chris Maggio

    Agreed! Coastal defense listening devices. There were several types, some literally were lodged, at the small end, into a man’s ear… some were attached to amplifier-devices, but human sound recognition was actually more accurate and instantaneous. Unfortunately any excessively loud sounds such as a backfire or a gunshot in close proximity could result in the bursting of an eardrum.

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