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Beginning of a Piragua

We have this interesting photograph, but not much data attached with it. Can you help us add more?


We know this type of boat is typically used in shallow areas, so did you ever see piraguas in the waters around Panama?

In our research, we found several different spellings and pronunciations for “Piragua” do you know if this one is the correct spelling and usage for this image?

Have you ever been in a piragua– either of wood, or the more modern variety?

Please share any information or memories with us in the comments section below!


  • Malcolm Stone

    This is a tree trunk that is hallowed out to form a cayuco. The cayuco was a man-made boat. It was frequently used in all waters for transportation. In Panama the cayuco was seen often. About 1953 the Boy Scouts started a cayuco race using the waters of Gatun Lake for the race and as time passed the race expanded and the cayucos became more defined and people who were not Scouts began to enter the race. As time passed the Cayuco Race was on the weekend before Easter. The race began at Cristobal Yacht Club on Friday and ended around Ancon on the Pacific side on Sunday. The turbulence of an up-lockage prevented the race from passing through Gatun Locks, but the Pacific locks were down-lockage’s and the cayucos passed through Pedro Miguel and Miraflores locks. That race was very popular and great competition for winning the race.

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