Object of the Day

BHS Parakeet Staff

We know this photograph was taken at Albrook AFB in 1955.


What can you tell us about the BHS Parakeet staff?

Were you a part of the staff?

Can you identify anyone in this photograph?

Please share with us in the comments section below!


  • Nina Brown Kosik

    The tall boy on the left is Fred Smith; the girl in the dark skirt is Paula Sullivan; & the girl in the light skirt is Judy Lindsay. Fred & Judy are BHS 55 & Paula is BHS 56.

  • Bob Zumbado BHS 1955

    Fred Smith, BHS-55, is the tall boy in civilian clothes on the left, The next boy is Enrique Ho, but I don’t think Paula Sullivan is in the dark skirt, I believe that is Carol Schrantz BHS-55. Next to her standing in profile is Billy Greene BHS-55. The girl behind Billy is not recognizable. The girl on the right is Judy Lindsay BHS-55.

  • Diane L.. French

    I worked for the school paper for awhile doing sales for advertisment in our paper. I went to Panama City a lot going to business places looking for customers. I stayed on it a year and believe it was my Freshman year in High School 59.

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