• Andy Sanchez

    Can’t say much about the photo. I was in troop 17 out of Fort Clayton from ’62 through ’66 when we left “The Zone”. Went too 3 summer camps at Camp Chagres next to Gatun Lake. Troop 17 was the very first scout troop to hike the “Camino Real” from Pacific to Atlantic by way of the “Las Cruces Trail” through hthe jungles. A portion was and still is underwater because of the locks and dams. We went that portion by cayuco. I also got to participate in US Military Jungle Survival Training put on for the Canal Zone boy scouts. Finally my highlight was going through my ordeal for BSA’s Order Of The Arrow. I did this at Camp Chagres about a month and a half before we left.

  • bobdmagic

    I was also a member of Troop 17. On December 17, 1964 I went on a cross Isthmus hike. It was supposed to be 100 miles but we took a wrong turn and walked 117 miles. I know this because they gave me four patches for completing the hike and the patches say 117 miles. I also went to the Jungle training survival school. I am pretty sure we were there at the same time. I would like to know about what you remember and if you have any pictures.

    • Andres Sanchez Jr.

      Hi bob – My e-mail is asanchezjr69@hotmail.com. I am on Facebook – Andres Sanchez Jr. I have some photos from the hike. I will need to locate where I stored them. I have no photos for the survival school. I lived in Diablo Terrace. Up the hill from the Corozal Commisary, below the radar station. Next to Los Rios on one side and Albrook on the other. Left “The Zone” after my 9th grade year at Curundu Jr. high. Hope to hear frinm you soon. – Andy

    • ufpcmcollection

      Hi Bobdmagic,

      We are currently installing an exhibit about Canal Zone Scouting, and we are including personal stories and memories from former scouts. May we use some of your comments here for the exhibit?

      Also, could you please include your name (even just your first name), so that we can attribute the comment(s) to you? Thank you!


  • John Voelpel

    I was also a member to Troop 17 and participated in the cross Isthmus between Christmas and New Year’s Day 1964. I have the oil painting from which the patch Bob refer to in his post was created. I stayed in tough with our Scoutmaster, Captain Bauer aka Captain “B” after my father retired from the Army and we moved to Orlando, FL. Who will ever forget the planes on a “training mission” dropping C-Rations to us or being picked up by an LCM (landing craft – mechanized) from the beach. It truly was an adventure of a lifetime.
    John Voelpel

    • Andy

      John!! So glad you found me. Been searching for you ever since we last contact. Got your e-mail. Will be in touch very soon!
      I don’t know if you remember Robert(bobdmagic). He also went on the hike. Talk to you soon.

    • ufpcmcollection

      Hi John,

      We are currently installing an exhibit about Canal Zone Scouting, and we are including personal stories and memories from former scouts.

      May we use some of your comments here for the exhibit?

      Thank you!


      • John Cruickshank

        I stayed in the Zone during the summer of 1955 and went to a Boy Scout camp in the interior north of David about 35 miles from the Costa Rican border. I went through the Order of the Arrow ordeal while there and have home movies that I took of the camp and environs during the trip. It would be wonderful to try to find some of the boys who were there at the time and I would like to find out anything that I can about what happened to that camp and when the Scouts stopped using it.

        • Andres Sanchez

          Hi John – Eleven years later in 1966 I went through my ordeal at BSA Camp Chagres on Gatun Lake in the Panama Canal Zone. My OA membership card is signed by John Napier(Netami Lekhiket). I was 15. That started me on a life journey of service in scouting. I have pretty much been involved in scouts one way or another as a youth then a volunteer. Well, except for my brief stint in Asia. There were not many scout troops in Vietnam.Also while in “The Zone” our scout troop(17) hiked the isthmus of Panama(Pacific to Atlantic) the last six days of December 1964. I am currently a Vigil member of Wauna La’Montay lodge 442 in the Great Northwest. I would love to hear from you(asanchezjr69@hotmail.com). – Andy

  • Paul A. Fiori

    goofy falls ,maybe. Paul A. Fiori Balboa and Curundu troop,then sea explorers early 70’s. recieved BSA life saving medal 8 Aug 67 and also Heroism medal from the American Legion.

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