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Brazos Brook Country Club

2001.90.1.1_0001 2001.90.1.1_0002Have you or anyone you know dined at the Brazos Brook Country Club? Have you or anyone you know worked there?

Can you help us estimate the time period of this menu? Why are there edits in pen? Was this a breakfast, lunch or dinner menu?

If you have any information about this menu or stories about the restaurant, please share with us in the comments section!


  • Diane L. French

    When I was around eight years old my parents and I went to dinner at Brazos Brook Country Club!!!!! We only went one time.. This wasduring the time that my parents were trying to find another restaurant to eat at besides the Elks.Club, and the clubhoue. I remember before we went to Brazos we also tried the officer’s club in Ft. Guick and never went back there either.

  • J J Wall

    My parents (Captain William E. & Marie J. Wall) were both avid golfers & (as long as I can remember growing up in the CZ) belonged to the BBCC, On a day off, my Dad (a Canal Pilot) would leave early in the day to play a full 18 holes with his friends usually in a “Foursome”. My Mom would wait for me to get home from school, & then leave for the club, usually with her friend & golf-partner Mrs. Eagan (her husband owned & operated the local Ford dealership in Colon), and me along for the ride. The ladies would play only nine holes and both my Dad & Mom would usually finish up at, or close to, the same time. I usually strapped on my Roy Rogers (cap) six-shooters and played cowboy in the jungle, in and around the fairways near the clubhouse, or else hung out in the clubhouse, doing my homework, drinking a coke (My parents left strict instructions with Thorpe, the Bartender, not to give me more than 2 cokes daily max?!). On days when Mrs. Eagan would drive her own car, my parents & I would often stay and have dinner at the club, as a family – my standard order, in those days, was a T-bone steak (well done) with French Fries & a glass of milk, and apple pie-ala-mode (Vanilla, of course) for dessert – good food and great family memories! Is the Club still in business?

    I also remember when I was about 13, my Dad got me my 1st set of clubs & gave me golf lessons, sometimes inviting me to join he and his Foursome friends in a round of golf. On one occasion, we had to stop play when we approached a hole and discovered a very large Boa Constrictor leisurely sunning himself in the middle of the Fairway?! We shouted & banged clubs on nearby trees & eventually tossed downed tree branches at him, until he finally slithered off into the jungle. Now that just “don’t” happen here in the USA!

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