• Stewart R

    This is the Calidonia Bridge looking towards the city. The second Panama Railroad Station (1884-1914) of the French era is behind the bridge (now Plaza 5 de Mayo) and the railway yards are on the left. The bridge was built in the 1850s to carry the road from the city north to La Sabana over the tracks. The photo shows the second bridge to be built here. The date is between 1884, when the French built the second Panama Railroad Station, and 1913 when it was replaced by the new railroad station.

  • Stewart R

    The bridge was demolished in 1920 and replaced by a level crossing. It was located on Central Avenue. The site is now at the Plaza Gandhi beneath the elevated roads.

  • Stewart R

    It was the scene of the bloody Battle of Calidonia Bridge on July 25 and 26, 1900 in the War of the Thousand Days of Colombia. The Corregimiento of Calidonia was named in honor of the battle in 1915.

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