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    Yes indeed… depicted in the center is the French donated statue of Cristobal Colon with the Indian maiden given to the old-old folks around 1869 by the Emperor Louis Napoleon’s wife the Princess Eugenie. It stood in front of Hotel Washington on the waterfront from the time it was built in 1913 until 1930. Before that it was in front of the old DeLesseps Palace in Cristobal that was the French HQ bldg…. and before that it was in the PRR yards. It is still on this site on “Broadway”… I’d imagine this street now has a different name… but it was Colon’s first “modern street” dating in this llife to probably after WWI. When it was in front of Hotel W which was run as an adjunct of the PRR it was pretty much off limits to the average Jose down in Colon, so when it moved down to Broadway it was a big deal. I wrote a major story on this for the ICC years ago. The Library-Museo has a copy…. look it up in that 2006 ICCJ Index I published to get the year & date. This is just one reason why i am anxious to get the ICCJ scanned/digitized and into the record so it can be word searched. Bob Karrer


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    ufpcmcollection posted: “The reverse of this image reads “‘Broadway’ Colon R.de P.”, and our records date it to circa 1936. Is there any additional information we should add to this photograph’s record? If you can, please share with us in the comments section!”

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    Guys, this is Cerro Campana on the way from Balboa to the Interior. I have four cards that are very similar to this on (and this one too). On them they all ID it as the town of Campana. Flatau made zillions of cards with basically the same photograph but with different styles of printing, captions & such. I’ll write to them and correctly ID it. This I do not mind doing as it’s actually useful. We used to get cheese at Queso Chela at Capira i think it was – queso ahumado or doble crema & their wonderful right-out-of the-oven pan michas. We’d stop at the top of the pass & eat what was left of them there and enjoyed the breezes… on every trip to El Valle and such. Unforgettable memories. Foto Flatau was the major producer of real photo PPC from the latter 1930s well into the 1950s & then he moved over to what we collectors refer to as “chromes” in full color. After he died and the firm was purchased by a retired US Army Major but i have not checked to see if it was still in business of late. Flatau belonged to the Lutheran Church in Balboa for many years according to my friend Brad Wilde. Bob K Please confirm you have received this and that it is useful. If it is not getting throu I just “give up” i can not successfully pass on comments in the comment section and i am beyond exasperation. LAST warning. Bob Karrer _____

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      Central Avenue (Avenida Central) in Colon is a wide park with one-way double lanes on each side. People enjoyed sitting on the benches in the Park. It runs north to south from Colon Bay all the way through El Ciudad de Colon.

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