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Bull Fight

Toro!  Have you ever been to a bull fight in Panama?  Were events like this common?

Bull Fight, Panama, Republic of Panama
Bull Fight, Panama, Republic of Panama

The only information we have for this postcard comes from the text on the front.

Can anyone identify the arena where this bull fight is taking place?  Did bull fights like this happen in the Canal Zone, or outside the zone in Panama?

We estimate the photograph dates from the 1910s.  Can you give it a more specific date?

If you have any information about this image, or have memories of attending a bull fight, we would love to hear from you in the comments section!


  • Bob

    The bull fights took place in Panama City. For several years our family went(I believe on Sundays). They drew a large crowd and very interesting as well as entertaining. I was between 6 and 10. I believe they were held at “La Macarena”

  • Jennifer Annis Marquardt

    I went to one bullfight in Panama but do not remember the location. It was probably closely after 1964. I do remember that afterwards outside the arena they sold the ears and tail of the bull for mementos.

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