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Cake cutting at military site

The back of this photograph reads “Second lady from left (with glasses) is Hattie Marshall-others unknown”. We know that this photograph was taken around 1950.


Can you identify anyone in this photograph other than Hattie Marshall?

Where might this photograph have been taken?

Please share with us in the comments section below!



  • John Schmidt ( BHS 50 )

    I must have sent my comments off by mistake as I was not finished. I being in the photo is not so far off. I was there at Albrook and was the Commander’s Color Sgt. Meaning that for certain ceremonies, I was with the General carrying his “flag”. The dates on those cakes appear to be 1952 and 1953.

    It would be really nice if there is someone else out there that could provide more information on this event. It appears to be an function of the “joint Officer’s Wives Club: Having the Commanders of the three components Army, Navy and Air Force and might even be the :”wives” of those officer’s

  • John Schmidt ( BHS 50 )

    If the first part of my comments did NOT make it — if you let me know as in those comments m I had identified those in the photo. Thanks

  • John Schmidt ( BHS 50 )

    The Naval officer – 2nd from left – I believe is RADM Bledsoe. While I was there I recall he was the Commander of the 15th Naval District at Fort Amador. The first officer on the left appears to a BGEN, USArmy……so that would mean he was representing someone at the ceremony, as the Commander of the US Army Carribean would have been a Major General

  • John Schmidt ( BHS 50 )

    This is what I said when I first replied to this photo. I must have inadvertently deleted those comments. The Officer on the right end is Reuben C. Hood, Jr. MGEN, Commander of the US Air Forces Caribbean. That could be his wife to his right. This appears to be a ceremony with all three military components represented. I guess it to be a “Joint Wives Club” General Hood was the Commander at Albrook from 11 June 1953 to 16 June 1965. I was the Command “Color Sergeant:” and would accompany the General at ceremonies and carried his personal Flag. That is me in the background on the left with a sideways view wearing those black military frames..

  • Fred Schrader

    I was an Army brat who lived at Fort Amador on the General’s Circle from 1951 to 1953 when I graduated from Balboa HS. My dad was the Comptroller for the command. The Army BG on the left flank is I believe N. A. Costello who was the Chief of Staff of US Army Caribbean. MG Whitlock was the CG,

  • Fred Schrader

    Real Admiral Bledsoe, USN, Commander of the 15th Naval District, is second from left. BG Costello is on the left.

    • Ann Costello (Tonita)

      BG N.A Costello is my father. MY mother France’s is cutting the cake. We were stationed at Ft. Amador. MY sister attended Baboa High at that time.

      • Fred Schrader

        Hi Ann. I lived two doors down from you on the circle in Quarters 37. You were in Quarters 39, as I remember. I remember when you and your family moved in — in 1952. I used to play golf with your brother, “Satch,” bless his heart. I graduated from Balboa High School in 1953 and had a career in the Army. .

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