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Cattle on the Atlantic Side

We know this photograph was taken by the Old French Canal in 1917.


Was the cattle industry exclusive to the Atlantic side?

Can you identify what type of cattle is photographed?

Please share with us in the comments section below!


  • Diane French

    I know they had cows in Mini Diary near Gatun in the 40’s as my father use to take me there to feed the cows grass. I think they milked them for the milk, but I’m not sure.

  • Peggy Huff

    When I lived in Gatun in the ’70s, cattle (with horns) were brought on launches into the Gatun small boat launch ramp, at the south end of Gatun Locks, from ranches up in Gatun Lake and trucked to Colon, where there was an abattoir. PanCanal had a working dairy on the Atlantic side between Margarita and Fort Davis, where the cows (I don’t remember any with horns) were milked; dairy products were sold in Panama Canal Company stores. Milk from Mindi Dairy was delivered to CZ employee’s homes at one time. The cattle industry was not exclusive to the Atlantic area.

  • Fred Sill

    I’ll go along with Peggy Huff. Those don’t look like the milk cows kept at Mindi Dairy (fat and happy) which kept us Zonian youngsters supplied with milk, and ice cream. When we would drive by on our way to Brazos Brook golf course, which was in the area, my dad would tell us to take a whiff and pretend that we were on a farm in New England. This was in the 1940s.

  • carolyn rowley dillon

    Agree with Peggy and Fred; the cows in Mindi Dairy were milk cows, not beef cows. Driving in from Gatun we always practiced holding our breath when passing the dairy. Our small animal clinic was also on the dairy grounds. Took many a pet there. There was a road that ran from the entry of the dairy through the dairy property that came out behind the Brazos Brook golf club. We horseback riders in Gatun and Ft. Davis took that short cut to Margarita many times. Among us was a girl who could exactly imitate a cow’s moo. One time we were passing a large gathering of cows when someone asked her to demonstrate her “cow moo.” It was not a pretty sight seeing a heard of dairy cows stampeding, utters bouncing side to side, panic in their eyes!

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