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Ceremony with view of the Prado

Our record indicates that this photograph may have been taken in the 1920s.


What can you tell us about this photograph?

Can you tell us what might be happening in this photograph?

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  • Fred Sill

    Blowing the photo up (as best I could) it shows that the precision marchers are circling the U.S. flag. So it may well have been a 4th of July student event. They are in front of what was the Balboa High School at that time, the 1920s. My mom was a teacher there in those days, and it’s nice to imagine her standing amongst the onlookers. The 4th of July was always celebrated in a big way, with the day’s events ending up with a night display of fireworks from the top of Sosa Hill, seen in the background of the photo. The steps leading up to the Administration Building, from where this photo was taken, were always a favorite place to gather to watch the show..

  • Susan Knapp Light

    The two guys with baseball uniforms are Eddie Napolean and Fred Raybourne at Balboa High School stadium. Don’t remember the year but probably 1954 of 55.

  • Jo

    The beautiful tall building in the upper left is the Balboa Union Church. Construction on it began in 1917 and finished in 1926, so the photo must be in the late 1920’s. This is such a lovely photo, but it is strange to see no Goethal’s Monument below the Admin Building nor the “new” Balboa High School. Sosa Hill is so bereft of trees. I lived on Tavernilla Street at the base of Sosa for years.

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