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CFN televising some female students

Unfortunately we do not have much information on this record.


Who was CFN?

Do you know why these students were dressed in a particular way?

Please share with us in the comments section below!


  • Joan Ohman

    C(Carribean) FN preceded SC (Southern Command) N, the Armed Forces Network. Our one and only English speaking television and radio station at the time. The ladies are Cristobal High School cheerleaders from the late 50s. On the far right is Sandra Motta and the tiger mascot is Dale Scott Brokaw who graduated from CHS in 1968! They were probably promoting the football season kickoff Jamboree!

    • Mimi Stratford Collins

      Thanks for this information, Joan. I was at Cristobal for junior high, 1955/56 and 1956/57, then my dad was transferred and I went to BHS. Mixed loyalties LOL! Anyway, the girl in the middle looks familiar, but I can’t name her…

      • Mary A. Williford

        Left to right: Mary Moreland, Stephie Beck and Sandra Motta. The mascot in front is Dale Scott. They are dressed in their game day dresses.

  • Joe Wood

    As Joan said, the Caribbean Forces Network was the predecessor of the Southern Command Network, an affiliate of the Armed Forces Radio and Television Services (AFRTS). Shown in the photo along with Sandra Motta and Dale Scott are (l to r) Mary Morland and Steffi Beck.

  • Robert Dixon, Raymond Gordon

    I dont know the girls displayed there, at the television station, (AFRTS). But I can tell you all, that my singing groud song at that station, when I was still in the Paraiso junior high school, back in the former canal zone. Did you remember the musical program, “afternoon cartoons?” Great days, “Canal Zone 4 ever”.

  • Kay Stone Waldrop (CHS/class of '60)

    I remember them all as such lovely girls. My cousins, Shirley and Mercedes Peterson, were around there somewhere too. (Well..Mercedes was class before them??) Sweet memories. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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