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Cheerleading in Panama

Recently we came across a variety of photographs of American football players and cheerleaders. Most of the imagery lacks information. Can you help us identify this group of cheerleaders?2000.039.003.005What school did these girls attend? Are they affiliated with an American football team? Why do they not have logos on their uniforms?

Where was this image taken?  Are they at a park or at their school? When was this?

Were you or anyone you know a cheerleader in Panama?

If you have any information about this image or cheerleading in Panama, please share with us in the comments section!


  • Robert Dillon

    Base of the old flagpole in front of Balboa High School. The Balboa sculpture/bust/head/whatever is missing, so I’d guess this is in the ’90s. I think that’s when the pranksters got it. Now its an ugly (not very aesthetically appealing) memorial to the 1964 vandals that started the riots.

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