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Chorrera Fair

We have this fun photograph at a fair in Chorrera. What can you share with us about this photograph?


Can you identify anyone in this photograph?

When might this photograph have been taken?

What occasion was this fair for?

Please share with us in the comments section below!



  • Joe Wood

    Lucho Azcarraga and his Conjunto (band) played at many events, including fairs, balls, retirement parties, presidential dinners and hundreds of other occasions. The Chorrera Fair was an annual agricultural fair that took place in the interior town of Chorrera, approximately 30 miles from Panama City. Lucho was very popular, widely loved and acclaimed throughout the world for his lively organ music accompanied by maracas, drums and bongos that had a pulsating Latin beat to which generations of Panamanians, Americans and others enjoyed dancing and listening. When Lucho played, no one could sit still. Here, Lucho is seated at the organ with members of his conjunto, surrounded by attendees at the fair.

  • Carol Meyer

    I had Lucho Play for a party I gave for my parents on one of their visits and the three person conjunto cost only $250 for an evenings entertainment. He also played at Ft. Bragg in USA and his medley of the armed forces songs was quite stirring. Fran Morrissey is almost as great when she plays for Carnavalito in Melbourne. I had the pleasure of caring for some of his family members at Gorgas Hospital.

  • Nina Brown Kosik

    Lucho at the organ…El “Chino” Ibarra w/maracas…Jaime De Gracia (2nd cousin to Lucho) drums…cow bell…& symbols….Frank and Chipi missing in the photo. (per Angela Lee Azcarraga)

  • Clea

    Lucho and his conjunto played every year on New Year’s Eve at the Fort Amador Officer’s club. The price of admission was whatever New Year it was, i.e. $19.77,. It was quite the party!!! Promptly after playing Auld Lang Syne he would then launch into a rendition of Happy Birthday. Lucho was born on January 1, 1912. Happy Birthday Lucho and thanks for the memories!

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