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Colon circa. 1925

Unfortunately this photograph does not contain a caption, but it is estimated to have been photographed circa. 1925 in Colon, Panama. Can you please help us confirm this information?
2000.011.001.016_0001Can you confirm that this is a firetruck? Do you know who manufactured these vehicles? What time period were they used?

Do you recognize where this image was taken? Can you confirm this is by a railroad crossing?

Have you seen ones like this before in Panama? Have you or anyone you know been a firefighter in Panama?

If you have any information about this image or want to share any stories about firefighting in Panama, please share with us in the comments section!



  • Robert Dixon Gordon

    Thanks for sending those pictures relating fabulous days or times in Colon. Back then, Colon looks much better than the Colon we all know today. Between last week, and up until this past Sunday we had two large fires in the city of Colon. much or the people that was burned out and lost everything, has no place to go, or live, at this point. To me, I honestly believe that the people of Colon saw better days back then (1925). Robert Dixon, old Zonian. NOTE: (U.S. Senator John McCain was born in Colon).

  • Ed Hass

    Yes, it is a fire engine, and it may well have been built around 1925. But the truck behind it (at left) is late 1930s to early 1940s, so the photos was not taken in 1925.

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