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Commission Club House, Cristobal, C.Z.

Please help us learn more about this image. The caption in the front right corner reads: “COMMISSION CLUB HOUSE CRISTOBAL CZ” “OPERATED BY THE Y.MC.A.”

01-95-2-(2)Can anyone confirm that this was the Commission Club House in Cristobal, C.Z.? Can you estimate a time period for this photograph? Who are the men standing out in front? Are they Y.M.C.A. members?

Have you visited this building? Does it still exist? Is it still the Commission Club House? Do you have any stories about this building?

If you have any information or memories of this building, please share with us in the comments section!


  • Bob

    the time period is around 1920 give – Ruth was born in 1918 – postcard was to her when my grandfather was working on the canal – they ate in the building and there was a movie theater there too – I can add a postcard showing this and the note to Aunt Ruth – tell me how – I would guess those in front were cz workers

  • Bob

    and I am changing the date in my estimate – around 1940 – pulled back the stamp I see 194 next to the post office cancel – I did confirm the stamp is a 1940 stamp. Gail the last surviving child passed away 2 months ago, so I could not get the work dates on the canal. I have a 1940 Havana post card – so 1940 makes sense

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