Object of the Day

Cyrca All Stars Basketball

This photograph was taken in 1967.


What can you tell us about the Cyrca basketball team?

Can you identify anyone in this photograph?

Were you a part of this team?

Please share with us in the comments section below!


  • Everett White

    This 1967 CYRCA League allstar team defeated the Army Allstar team from Ft. Clayton. Left to right kneeling Jim McFadden, Jose Jaen, Bobby Best, Isaac Hay, Arturo Ogarro, Adolfo Tinker, Enrique McClean. Standing left to right Sam Maphis, Eric Ernest, Larry Tynes, Charlie McArthur, Rogelio Douglas, Charlie Brown, Everett White, Tom Coffin, Doug Aseron.

    • N.E.Clark

      As a young scorekeeper alongside Lloyde Joseph I Eddie Clark, witnessed quite a showing by this and many teams out of this league. Nice to see an archived photo of the Big 3 (Dougie, Turo & Quique) with the likes of Tinker, Everett, Charlie Mc & others…nice memories!

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