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Diablo Elementary Faculty & Staff 1984-1985

Like the post from last week, we have a group photograph of the faculty and staff from Diablo Elementary a school year later (1984-1985).


Are there any new faces in this photograph from last weeks photograph of the 1983-1984 faculty and staff?

Can you identify anyone in this photograph?

Please share with us in the comments section below!


  • Margaret Leigh

    Please send the first picture of the staff at Diablo Elementary school, 1983. I was the principal sitting in the middle. I am collecting all the names for you. Margaret Leigh

  • Margaret Leigh, Principal, Diablo Elementary

    I need the first photograph of the Diablo Staff (1983) as it is clearer to give you all the names. Please e-mail it to me,Mleigh38@aol.com . Margaret Leigh, Principal, Diablo Elementary

  • Margaret Leigh

    Please send the 1983 picture of the staff of Diablo Elementary. Easier to name them. Margaret Leigh, Principal

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  • Matt Davis

    I was in Kindergarten at Diablo when this was taken. I believe the lady in the front row, behind the sign with the blue / green dress was the assistant Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Coffee. I don’t have any pictures from back then so this is 100% based on the memory of someone who was 5 years old at the time. If anyone has her information, I would like to send her an email to see how she is doing.

  • Melissa

    Yes, that is Ms. Coffee! Also Mrs. Fulcher standing behind her. I was also in Kindergarten at this time as well & they were my teachers. I also recognize Mrs. Rigby (in red, behind Mrs. Fulcher) and mean Mrs. Wolfe (second row from the top, to the right, wearing green). She was a horrible teacher. I wish I could remember more of my classmates at that time but it’s nice to “meet” a fellow Diablo student! I have many great memories there.

  • Katharine Stevens

    I believe the woman on the second row (from
    The front) on the left, in front of the man, in a black shirt is Mrs. Greg. Can’t remember her first name but I remember she was my very favorite teacher. 1st or 2nd grade?

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