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Diablo Elementary Faculty & Staff

We have this photograph of the faculty and staff from Diablo Elementary from theĀ 1983 – 1984 school year.


Can you help us identify those who are photographed?

Does anyone have ties to Diablo Elementary?

Please share with us in the comments section below!



  • Gail Goodrich Totten

    I recognize several people but can only remember some of the names – Kathy Egolf is in this middle row, 2nd from the right, and she would probably recognize almost everyone. Mitch Swanson was the music teacher and is the top row right in the middle. It also looks like Mercedes McKabney on the front row 2nd from the right. I will keep trying to remember more names!

    • ingrid

      Oh my, this brought back so many memories… I recognize many faces because they were my teachers, unfortunately I cannot remember the names. First person in the first row from bottom to top is Dr. Wilson. 7th person in the second row from top to bottom and left to right is Mr. Kramer.

      • Robert Dillon

        Mr. Kranmer did not like it when you called him Mr. Kramer and he let you know. Had him 6th grade. My favorite teacher (Elementary School) was Fran Banasick (2nd row, fourth from the left) whom I had for 2nd Grade (when Diablo Heights Elementary was still open upon the hill across the street from the Clubhouse). I remember we made “Boo Berry” pancakes in class. Yummy. I lived across the street from the Diablo Elementary School in the house above the rocky cliff for almost 20 years. I can still hear the sound of the hardware clanging against the flagpoles there. I have many stories about that school. I miss home very much. Has anyone built a time machine yet?

    • Margaret leigh

      I recognize both pictures of the staff at Diablo Elementary as I was the principal at both times . I will send the names but this will take some time. Margaret Leigh

  • L.J. Bunton

    Top row L-R. The fourth person is Ms. Henderson, but I remember her getting engaged so of course her name changed. The ninth person looks like Ms.Kerat but I’m not 100% sure.

  • Priscilla Rivera

    So many memories! I learned english there, and will always have great memories of Mrs. Rodaniche, Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. Hellen. Mrs. Thompson, tks for been tough and never giving up on me!

  • Andy


    Graduated 84 from diablo elementary after that curundo then we moved but I did spend 5 years at diablo.

    Top right Margot ? My 6th grade teacher

    Mrs sweeney my 5th grade , 3rd row 5th in.

    Dr Wilson 4th grade, front row

    3rd grade mrs mitchell not present, she leafy back to the states in 83.

    2nd grade mrs smith 2nd row 1 st person

    Hopes this helps


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