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Fastlich Baseball Team with Jim O’Donnell

Play Ball!

The only information we have about this photograph is in the title– it’s the Fastlich Baseball team with Jim O’Donnell.  But who is Jim O’Donnell?  Is he the coach?  Where is he in this picture?

Fastlich Baseball Team with Jim O’Donnell

The boys’ uniforms appear to say “Gibraltar Life”.  Was this the sponsor of the team?

What year might this photo have been taken?

Are YOU in this photo?  Or do you have a great story about playing little league baseball in the Canal Zone?

Tell us about it in the comments!


  • Carl N. Berg

    These youngsters look like they’re Little League age, not old enough for Fastlich Teen League. The Fastlich teams, believe, all had names of animals: Macaws, Conejos, Ocelots, Pumas, Parakeets(?), etc. My brother Stanley Berg (BHS 1961) played for the Ocelots; I should have asked him.

  • charlie belden

    Gibraltar Life was a Little League baseball team that played on the Pacific Side (Balboa), sponsored by the Gibraltar Life Insurance Company. There was also a team sponsored by the Canal Zone Police Department called Police.

    The Fastlich League was sponsored by a jewlery story – Casa Fastlich – and equivalent to the U.S. Pony League – for ages 13 – 19. I think the “parakeets” team was actually called Perricos.

  • Carl N. Berg

    Charlie’s comment is on the money. Casa Fastlich, yes, a Panama City jewelry store was the Fastlich League sponsor. The teams: Macaws, Conejos, Ocelots, Pumas, Palomas, and Pericos. My brother Stanley pitched for the Palomas, and in one game the field manager let him play all nine positions.
    Carl N. Berg of Cocoli

  • Bob Zumbado

    This is not a Fastlich League team. It is a Little League team sponsored by Gibraltar Life. Correction to an earlier commentor, the Fastlich League age range was 13 to 15, not 19. It was created to fill a need for that age group which in the early 1950s had no other organized baseball outlet. I was a member of the Palomas ball team during the Fastlich League’s inaugural season.


    This photo is absolutely not of a Fatlich League Team. Their age obviously shows that they are little league age. The Fastlich League was for boys 13 to 15. I played for the Palomas in the inaugural season of this league. The entire league was sponsored by Mr. Fastlich and no sponsor names were on any of the uniforms. Please correct this entry.

  • Fred White

    I played for Gibraltar Life 1968 – 1970. Our team photo looks about the same. Uniforms were re-used every year. I think this photo might have been from earlier in the 60’s. Other teams were the Police, Elks, Spur Cola, I think. I do remember professionally manicured fields and professional umpires. Games were played Monday through Friday, two games per week unless you played on Wednesday.

  • William Myrick

    That is definitely Pacific side Little League. Teams included Gibralter, Police, Elks and one or two others I cannot remember. I played in 1971 for Glidden.

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