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Florence Neville Miller at Lock

Florence and her family visited many sites of the Canal during the construction era.


As she looks off into the distance, what do you think Florence and her family were thinking about when this photo was taken?  Standing amidst the construction, do you think she could imagine the grand, completed Panama Canal?


  • Malcolm Stone

    Florence Neville Miller is my grandmother. The Neville’s-Miller’s earned three Roosevelt Medals.
    The Neville family loved Panama and owned a farm in the Chorrera area. My mother was born in Gorgas Hospital in 1915.

    • rachael miller

      My grandfather was possibly your grandfather, Albert Carter Miller? He was an engineer there and later moved to Peru, where my father was born. I’d like to connect with you, if possible.

  • Evangeline "Eva" Thompson

    What I wonder is if she survived to see it finished. In those clothes, the poor girl was probably sufferinf heatstroke. I cannot imagine surviving the suffocating humidity and heat…at least, being that covered up, you were armed against mosquitoes and yellow fever/malaria. A beautiful young lady, to say the least.

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