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Gatun Union Church

Unfortunately we do not have the names of anyone in this photograph.


What is going on this photograph?

Who is the woman on the piano? Who are the children?

What memories do you have of Gatun Union Church?

Please share with us in the comments section below!


  • Nina Brown Kosik

    What IDs this as the Gatun Union Church? Appears to be one of the many musical performances children gave for parents & friends — at all CZ schools, through high school.

  • carolyn rowley dillon

    This is Gatun Elementary School, not the Union Church. All the music programs were performed on the elevated “walkway” that ran round the building. On the left side of the photo, where the children are standing is the door to the kindergarten room. Each grade waited there until it was time for them to march out and sing, recite poems and/or act out a story lesson. I was the main character in “I’m a Little Teapot” circa 1953-54. Three years later I was Betsy Ross during the song “Betsy Ross was sewing.” Don’t know how ended up in these parts not having acting talents, but I suspect it might have been that I was taller than most kids.

  • Robert Dixon Gordon

    Hello to all of you great folks. It’ been some time. I cant tell you much about the Gatun Union church, since I has never resided on the Atlantic side. But I must state that the Gamboa union church is still in business and pastor Wilbur, is still in charge there, and conducts services on Sundays, and prayer meetings, to include bible studies. Pastor Bill Wilbur also has a radio program, from 06:00 to 06:30 hours from Monday to Friday. Whenever you are on the isthmus, visit the Gamboa union church.

  • William Blakely

    The naming of this photograph needs correction, per Carolyln Rowley Dillon’s comment above. My father was minister at the Gatun Union Church in the early 1950s, and I know this is not it.

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