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On the reverse side of this image it is titled “So Tinto” and is dated “Dec. 1956” . Please help us identify the location of this image.
2002-038-013-010_0001Do you recognize the title of the image? Is So Tinto a village or town in Panama?

Are these girls a part of the local girl scout troop? Are they performing some kind of activity that day? Were you part of this troop?

If you have any information on these girl scouts featured in the photograph, please share your knowledge with us in the comments section!



  • Joanne Steiner Robinson (195l graduate BHS)

    The tall blonde girl on the left looks like Annette Godby to me, but I don’t know the location, sorry.

  • Alice Hope

    I can’t remember our troop #, but kneeling in the front row are Katie O’Brien, Jean Seaman, Kathleen Cox, & Eileen Cox. Second row standing are ?, Mary Lou Washabaugh, Martha Johnson, Diane Hickey, Darce Hause, ?, Mrs. Cox, troop leader, Ruby Hall & Alice Hardwick.

  • Kathleen Cox Richardson

    This is a photo of Troop 33 from the Atlantic Side of the isthmus. The girls in the white blouses are Senior Girl Scouts and the ones in the darker uniforms are younger Girl Scouts (Intermediate?). The fourth girl in the back row is Darien Dietz and the fifth girl is Andrea Whitaker. The woman on the left of the back row was the head of the C.Z.Girl Scout Council. I don’t remember her name.

    I am Kathleen Cox, daughter of the leader of the troop. I don’t remember where we were – just some outing or get together for the day with other troops. I don’t know what “So Tinto” is either.

    Six of Troop 33’s senior scouts were selected as a result of an isthmus-wide competition in outdoor skills to attend an international 10-day Round Up in Michigan that took place during the summer of 1956. Two other girls came from a different troop to form an eight-girl patrol which the Girl Scout Council sent to the U.S. It was quite an honor.

  • Lisa Castillo

    I was a Junior Girl Scout starting in 1972 and advanced to the Senior level by the time I left scouting in 1974 or 1975. Troop # 33, Panama Canal Zone. Great learning experience w/many exotic camping locations w/ lots of diversity in our troop and another troop on the other side of the Isthmus. Learned how to sew and advance cooking skills, among other things. I am highly interested in obtaining a sash w/badges as mine was unfortunately discarded. Susan Shipman and Evelyn Huffcut were my scouting friends. I have a few patches for that Canal Zone troop, but none of my merit badges and pins. Would also luv to have the handbook from that era. So many fond memories of my scouting days in the Panama Canal Zone, Ft. Kobbe/Howard AFB.

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