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Group photograph

Unfortunately we do not have any extra information about this photograph.


Do you recognize anyone in the photograph?

What group might these people be a part of?

Please share with us in the comments section below!


  • Nina Brown Kosik

    And behind Stew Brown is Coach Anderson. Standing next to Stew (cream coat & glasses) is David Speir. Back row, 2d fr Left (face partially hidden) is J(ohn) Weston Seaquist; 2d fr Right back row is Coach John Fawcett Appears to be a Schools Div photo of some kind.

  • Joe Wood

    This appears to be a gathering of Canal Zone school teachers. Seated (l to r): Margaret Leigh; Emily Butcher; Frances Sampsell; Shirley MaKibbin; ? Middle row (l to r): James Wolf; James Cook; ?; ?; David Speir; Stu Brown; Back row (l to r): ?; Charles Sequist: ?; ?; Charles Latimer; John Fawcett; Mark Baker; Ross Anderson.

  • Edward Conn

    Right front and back row were Canal Zone Schools coaches.    Don’t remember names.Back row, fourth from the right with glasses and moustache, Dr. Charles Latimer, Superintendent Canal Zone Schools.

  • Robert Russell

    This has to do with schools….I recognize former teacher Margaret Lee at left seated and the well dressed lady in center was, I think, Superintendent of Schools but I cannot remember her name.. She was a lovely lady. Next to her is Mrs. mcKibben and behind her is David Spears. Kathy Egolf and Joe Wood will probably know these and others in the photo.


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  • Robert Russell

    More identification …. man on far right with bow tie is Coach Brown. The tall man near center in light suit and with mustache is Dr. Latimer. The short man, second from left in second row is Jim Cook who also was a school administrator.


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  • Carl N Berg of Cocoli

    Some of the men’s faces I recognize from my CZ College freshman year 1964-1965 and sophomore year 1965-1966. The one most familiar is the tallest man, in the back row, white hair, with dark jacket and glasses—-Mr Annis (first name Charles?),who I had for Freshman English, Elem Psychology, and Social Psychology. He liked white shirts and bowties; his lectures were very energetic; he liked to occasionally shock the class with his personal theories about behavior. It was a pleasure to take his class because he was never boring. He was a little on the nervous side as he lectured, as I remember him. He was personable and likable, easy to talk to.
    —Carl N Berg of Cocoli

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