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Holiday Mola Of Bells

Happy holidays, everyone! We hope you all are enjoying this time of year. In honor of the season, we will be sharing our favorite holiday molas all week.unaccensioned_0001Do you own any holiday molas? Have you seen a mola like this one before?

Were holiday themed molas popular in Panama? If so, what were common subjects (i.e. bells, Santa Clause, snow men . . .) for them? Do you like holiday themed molas?

If you have any information about this mola or opinions about holiday themed molas, please share with us in the comments section!


  • Joe Wood

    Holiday molas were and are very popular in Panama and among the residents of the former Canal Zone. We have several showing Christmas Trees, bells, wreaths, even Santa Claus. They come in all shapes and sizes: we have them on pillows, Christmas stockings, and hot pads.


    Any theme attractive the the market, for many years Americans, was fair game for molas. Now tourism is a major market I suspect this will continue. In the Panama Canal Museum Collection contains a number of Christmas themed molas and several were on museum post cards when the store was brick and mortar. There are Santa Claus, Christmas tree and cornucopia molas and I can’t remember all that are in the collection.

    At one time some Peace Corps visitors were teaching the Kunas how the crank out machine sewn molas. There was a loud protest from the market and the sewing machine project died. There are also fabrics, beach towels with mola themes.Now here are so American tourists visiting Panama mola themed clothing and accesories can be seen more in the U.S.

    My sister-in-law from New Hampshire made me a mola themed quilt with much help from Mola Girl. Edith Barkawitz, author of a beautiful coffee table book on molas, is one of the featured speakers at the UF program commemorating the 100th anniversary to be held at the UF Gainesville campus on August 15,2014.

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