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In The Trenches

This image comes from a collection of photographs within the Carpenter Collection that is described as, “Photographs: U.S. Soldiers (Unidentified), Panama Canal”.

The year has been recorded as 1920, but we have no additional information about the individual photographs in this collection.

Can you tell us what is going on in this photo?

What would a set-up like this have been used for?

Did you have an experience with a trench like this in or near the Canal Zone?

Can you identify the location of this photograph?

Any information you can add to this photograph may be useful– please share your knowledge in the comments section!

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  • Robert Dixon Gordon

    Good day folks. Let me try and remember, regarding the military trenches. Back in 1968, I remember those trenches we used on the west bank at Empire range, of the Panama canal in order to “zero”, shooters (soldiers) with the M-16 rifle, when I was reassigned to the Garrison headquarters in fort Clayton. I remembered as we were placed in those trenches, down range, where we pull up the targets, and as the cease fired was called, we lower the targets, scored them and pull them back up, and the shooters would resume fire. Great old times, I enjoyed it all. Robert Dixon, (retired) sector supervisor, Canal Protection, Div. Panama Canal Commission in 1999 & the current ACP in 2012. “Special act award obtained in 1989, during Operation just Cause. let “Democracy and freedom, prevail.

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