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Jamboree Parade

The caption on the back of this photograph reads “CHS-BHS, Cheerleaders 1968”.


Were you a CHS or BHS Cheerleader in 1968? Or can you identify anyone in this photograph?

What can you tell us about the Jamboree Parade?  Did it happen every year?  Where and when did it take place?  What was it celebrating?

Please share with us in the comments section below!


  • Mary Alice (Molly Engelke) Williford

    The Jamboree and parade were always held at Cristobal High School. It preceded the first game of the football season. Each team, CHS, BHS, PCJC, and Working Boys, played a quarter against each other and if I’m not mistaken, the team with the most accumulated points, won the Jamboree. The parade consisted of the cheerleaders from each high school and a Jamboree queen representing each team.
    I was a CHS cheerleader from 1958 until I graduated in 1961. I’m sorry I can’t identify any of the cheerleaders on the fire truck.

  • Hal Wade

    The Jamboree football game was always the first game of the season for CZ schools. It was the brainchild of Luke C. Palumbo a coach and Science teacher at CHS. By the late 60’s only CHS, BHS and CZC played in it. It was always held at CHS. BHS and CZC chartered a special Football Train to travel to the Atlantic side. On it were the teams, cheerleaders, bands, students and parents from the Pacific side. In this parade picture I see Dale Scott on the running board and Denise Rodriguez on the hood.

  • Joan Ohman

    Gee Molly and Hal, you hurt my feelings! This pic is from the 1968 Jamboree. The CHS cheerleaders from L to R are Eileen Ridge, Carmen Ortiz, Ann Hirons (Domenech), Barbara Eissing, Joan McCullough (Ohman), Kathy Dockery, Mari Hanly, Dale Scott (Brokaw). That’s Darlene Hunt up top for the BHS cheerleaders! I believe UF has my uniform somewhere in their archives!

  • Peggy Huff

    My dad, Hugh D Hale, is driving the fire truck. His Panama Canal career included 28 years with the Civil Affairs Bureau, fire division.

  • Maxine Karst

    Hi Kelly, Aunt Maxine replying…You are correct that I am in the photograph, but barely visible, 2nd from the right. Darleen Woodruff, Captain, is sitting up top, then left to right is Karen Foscue, Leslie Affeltranger, Pat Chase, Jacque Hunt, Maxine Karst and Nancy McQuarrie. Janet Hunt was also on the squad but does not appear in this photograph. After this opening game of the football season was the great traditional party at the Ski Docks…Those were the days!

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