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Official Opening, Panama Canal

The caption at the bottom of this image reads: Official Opening – “Panama Canal” – Aug. 15th S.S. Ancon in “Culebra Cut”


This iconic image features the S.S. Ancon sailing through the Culebra Cut.  Is there any additional information we should add to the record for this photograph?  If so, please share it with us in the comments section!


  • bkarrer2013

    This is pitiful……. the date is clearly on the photo, which is one everyone who has ever read about Panama Canal knows well. And, the town is Culebra…. anyone who has read a book on Panama and the Canal knows it to. Questions like this are an embarrassment and insult our intelligence & show a lot needs to be done in/at UF before such “stuff” is put on the airwaves or internet. Bob Karrer


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    ufpcmcollection posted: “The bottom of this image reads: Official Opening – “Panama Canal” – Aug. 15th S.S. Ancon in “Culobra Cut” Can you help us estimate the date of this image? Have you seen photographs like this one before? Have you sailed on a ship through Culobra “

  • Janice G. Scott

    I have my grandparents, Thomas I. Grimison & wife, Jesse, invitation for this first official transit on the SS Ancon; he was a Roosevelt Medal holder with two bars. I’m a second-generation Zonian, and most of my generation traveled to and from the US on the SS Ancon and its sister ships, as I did the very first time I visited the USA with my brothers and mom in 1952. I don’t know if it was this same SS Ancon in the ’50s or a successor at that time.

    About Culebra/Galliard Cut, I have transitted many times on ocean liners, sailboat and catamaran, and, thousands have paddled the Cut during the annual three-day ocean-ocean cayuco race since its inception over sixty-years ago. A huge downward sloping drainage drainage ditch built was built at the Cut to control torrential rains which served as a perfect improv water slide in an adolescent rite of passage for those who knew no fear during the ’60s-’70s, and, some met their unsuspecting parents at Gorgas Hospital emergency room, where stitches, broken bones and concussions were subsequently treated.

  • ufpcmcollection

    Thank you everyone for your valuable feedback! We apologize that the original post of this image had a typo, which has since been corrected.

    Readers like you help us continually improve the quality of our blog posts, so thank you again for your feedback!

  • Robert Dixon Gordon

    The SS Ancon in the Culebra cut. Great. When Army general Denis P. McCauliff was the Canal administrator (1979-1989) in the early 1980’s he had the famous painter (Al Sprage) paint a identical portrait of the SS ancon and the tug boat viewed in the picture, and a copy of said painting was issue to all of the Panama canal work force. I understood that the Ancon brought goods for the various commissaries, us army, etc in order to stock out the canal zone residence in general. We was not in need of anything. I know this, since I was there over those golden years. Great times. Al Sprage is on the canal at this time, painting at the third set of locks for the canal. Robert Dixon

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