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Operation Just Cause

We have a collection of photographs depicting some scenes from Operation Just Cause.


Where were you when the operation started?  What are your personal memories of that time?  What do you want others to know about your experience?

Please share with us in the comments section below!


  • Robert Raymond dixon Gordon

    During said military operation on december 20th 1989, which were necessary to restore democracy at the Canal, to include the entire Panama canal Commission, a (U.S. Government agency) I, Robert R. Dixon, former security officer, ordained by my assistant watch supervisor as a canal police officer, on october of 1989, prior to the invasion, the entire operation, and beyond. I assisted the u.s. marines and u.s. army forces as some battles were fought in and around Gamboa, Dredging Div, complex, to include the Madden Dam area. Also asisted the soldiers as an interpreter, and asisted them in finding those PDF forces during house to house searches, for Those Panama defence forces loyal to the Noriega regime. Also instructed my units to take cover during gun battles fought in Gamboa. for my efforts I received ” The Special act award certificate” rendered by high ranking officials from the Panama Canal Commission, for Valorous and exceptional contributions under hostile conditions during “Operation Just Cause dec, 20th 1989”. A long time as passed, however I will never forget those two u.s. marine units that asisted my Division, (Canal protection Division, CPD) at the Cerro Pelado communication site in Gamboa. They did great, and I, as a field supervisor at the time, thank them both for their disipline and contrbutions. (Check my page for more accurate details).

  • Robert Dillon

    This is a picture of Barracks in Amador, turned over to Panama in 1979. Behind the building is the Canal. These barracks housed Panamanian Defense Forces (PDF) personnel.

    Prior and up to the 1989 invasion, they (the PDF) had been threatening (with regular show of force) the U.S. Personnel and their families who were housed a few hundred yards behind the spectators in this photo.

    It was a masterful job of the U.S. Military to successfully protect the U.S. citizens in Amador, on the front line as they were. Somewhere I have a nice color picture of the same hole in the wall. Go USA!

    The Barracks date back to the end of the Canal construction era (circa 1914) and were designed, along with most of the buildings in Amador, with the highest architectural aesthetics and design standards, by the finest U.S. architects. Their history is online, including details of the design features that made these buildings beautiful and special. Very beautiful and a great loss. I miss the red roofs.

    This picture would have been a few days after the initial invasion, when we were finally safe to go out and see the damage. I seem to remember running into this group in Amador the day this photo was taken. I think I have some pictures with them.

    There were military police and other military vehicles belonging to the PDF disabled and scattered all along the roadways. They had been prevented for their assigned tasks of killing Americans and disabling the Canal. Too bad for them. Good for Panama.

  • Robert Raymond dixon Gordon

    Good day folks. Allow me to state, that, the “Panama canal is a give away, and the signing of those treaties should have never happen”. (Manipulation and deceit had no place there)… Pleace check the Denis Deconcini reservation or amendment placed in those Panama canal treaties, documented by Mr, Tom Deweese and get the facts. I was borned & raised in the former canal zone, at Gorgas hospital in 1948, were the only flag that flew there at that time was the u.s.flag. Former u.s. “president Reagan’s quote: we bought the canal, we build it, and we should keep it.” You know the rest of the unfortunate story. I have no further comments for niow.

  • Robert Dixom.

    Thanks for the note that you sent me recently, Mr, Tom Deweese. It was my pleasure to have served the government of the United states of America with 29 years of loyal service on the isthmus of Pma. I hope that we will recover the Canal before I die. Retired security officer, guard unit, Canal Protection div.

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