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P.R.R. Co.’s Church – Aspinwall

2013.8.57The caption reads: “P.RR Co’s Church – Aspinwall” and “Looking East – Up Beach”

Can anyone confirm that this is the P.R.R. Company’s Church? Did you or anyone you know attend this church?

Does anyone recognize the children?

We are looking for a location and estimated date. If you have any information about this street, please share with us in the comments section!


  • William P. McLaughlin

    “The gray stone building in modified Gothic style, immediately west of the Hotel Washington site, is Christ Episcopal Church, which was built by contributors from the Panama Railroad Company and missionary societies. It was dedicated in 1865 and , except for a few years, when it was used as a Colombian arsenal, barracks, and storehouse, has under the jurisdiction of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States, its government was changed to the Anglican Church in 1883, when thousands of British negroes came from the the West Indies to work on the Canal, and in 1907 it passed to the American Episcopal Church, when the American canal work had been established. Both whites and blacks worship here, but the majority of the members are negroes.”

    I have been in this church for a tour in 2003. It still stands today.

    • Malcolm Stone

      The church was immediately east of the Washington Hotel, not west.
      I was a frequent visitor to Washington Hotel salt water swimming pool.

  • Russell E. Favorite

    The street you see, is Colon Beach. I lived 3 houses down the street you see from the Church. I lived there from 1950 until 1958. The name of the Church was Christ Church by The Sea, at that time. It was an Episcopal Church, and when I was there. The Reverend Peterson was the Paster. I served Holy Communion for a Wedding there about 1955. The Church was located across from the Hotel Washington. There was a street that went down the side of the Church that your looking at. The street became Bolivar Avenue. You are looking from the Washington Hotel to see the Church

  • Vicente Pascual

    This church is currently under restoration, should be finished by the end of the year. Wonderful photo, probably circa 1900, before the arrival of the american canal administration.

  • Lee Laney, Chico CA USA

    I have an original stereo photo of the church circa 1875 taken by Herberger Jr. It stand alone in the photo, but has been vignetted to eliminate the surroundings. I just found this a few weeks ago along with several other of the PRR and a village on the coast, Playa Prieta, and the PRR wharf and terminus. I would be glad to send copies.

    • Richard E. Buery

      Hi Lee I grew up. as a member of Christ Church Altar boy and choir member. It would be a great thing to have photos and surroundings

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