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Panama Canal Scottish Rite Temple

The reverse of this photograph reads “Scottish Rite Temple Balboa C.Z. An entire view”. Beyond that caption this object contains no additional metadata. Is there any additional information we should add to this photograph’s record?2003.038.006_0001If you can help us, please share your information in the comments section!


  • carolyn rowley dillon

    I remember attending a number of events held there. However I never used the front entrance, only the back. I guess that was because it was right beside the parking lot. I remember the doors were very ornately adorned with various insignias. They were quite colorful and pretty.

  • Diane L. French

    I drove by this place for years never going inside the place. My dog ran away one time after biting a man outside the back door to the Balboa Elks Club, and we found her at the back door of this place. My dog use to go with my father to the Elks Club everynight across the street waiting for him at the back door until my father was done drinking with his friends to go home.
    I was a rainbow girl also, but don’t ever remember meeting in this building as we mostly met at a building near the border in Ancon..

  • Laura Kosik

    My great grand father Charles Van Clief was a member of the Scottish Rite in Panama. I have the application. I sure wish I could put a picture of it for you.

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