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Panama R.R. Station

The caption on this photograph reads ” Panama R.R. Station, Balboa, C.Z.- Old Timers Arriving Jan. 18, 1928″.


Who were the Old Timers?

How common were horse drawn carriages in the Canal Zone?

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  • Cecywright@aol.com

    This R, R, Station was in Balboa, down the hill fro the P.C. Adm Bldg. The Balboa High School/college was down the left on the left side of the road. Old Timers must have been those that worked on the Canal, if they arrive in 1928. cecy

  • David Hilliard

    This is the Balboa Train Station just up the street from Balboa High School. The little Kiosk directly in front of the station sold newspapers, soft drinks, candy,etc., when I was attending BHS in 1951-1955.

  • Rod Brayton

    The Panama Railroad Station at Balboa, Canal Zone.

    The horse drawn carts were called carametas (sp?). They served in-lieu of today’s taxis and were common at the time of the photo was taken. In the fifties it was not uncommon to see them in the Cristobal area near the piers, railroad station and Front Street in Colon showing tourists around. The carameta was equipped with a clanger bell mounted under the coach operated with a foot plunger by the coachman. It was also equipped with a broom and bucket as the coachman was required to clean up any mess made by the horse.

    Old timers were probably construction era workers.

  • Diane French

    In my day there were no carriages at the train station. I started using this train station when I was nine years old until I was thirty-four years old. My two older children also used this train station for at least ten years. I remember one time when I got off the train at twelve years old and there was an awful thunder storm with lightening fashing everywhere. I had to go into the Ladies Room until the storm calmed down to wait for my father to come get me!!!!

  • Bill Fall

    Looks like a parade celebrating old timers. The truck has a brass band in it. 1928 is a year too early for the 15th anniversary of the opening of the Canal. What would be celebrated with a band in January?? I think the building to the right of the train station is the old quartermaster’s building.

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