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Party Group

Information attached to this object states “15th Naval District Group, someone’s home, circa 1944-1945”.


Were you a part of the 15th Naval District group or know someone who was?  Can you identify anyone in this photograph or do you know whose home they are in?

Is there anything else you think we should know about the 15th Naval District Group or this gathering?  Please share it with us in the comments section below!


  • Bob Zumbado BHS 1955

    I suppose the back of the photo is inscribed with something relating it to the 15th Naval District but I see one sailor and what I believe are two U.S. Army Chaplains judging by the cross emblems on their uniforms. The room the group is in seems a bit large to be inside someone’s home….the ceiling seems high for typical military quarters….looks like about 50 people also a lot to fit into someone’s living room.

  • John E Schmidt Jr

    I agree– an office at the District celebrating some special occasion… could be the sailor is just home on leave or they just announced the engagement of he and the lady he is attached to.

    With all those older folks…. I’d say it was really special to have the “bosses” be there as well.

    I believe I recogmize one person The lady that is directly below ,the man in the white shirt in the center f the group, Looks like Mrs Dedeaux. . The mother of Louie, Iris, Dorothy and one more older sibling. They were neighbors of ours in Pedro Miguel. She very well could have been working there at that office. If the photo was dated, I could be positive of that ID

  • John E Schmidt Jr

    I just realized that the lady that I think I recognized is not MRS. Dedeaux if actually her daughter IRIS.
    I know that Iris spent her last years living in Kerrville, Texas and and has passed. I will try to contact a daughter of Iris to see if she knows whether Iris did in fact work at the 15th Naval District.

  • C.A. Palumbo

    I lived at 15ND around 1970. Even at that date the housing was the same as it had been since the 15ND facilities were first built, a few years before or during World War II. The architectural style and furniture seen here is very similar to but not exactly the same as what was standard for officers’ quarters (although they were surprisingly roomy and the ceilings were that high, and did have similar picture rails and ceiling beams) and the floor plan does not match anything I remember (there were only three floor plans, or four if you include apartments). The floor plan implied by this picture certainly does not match the most common single-family officer’s house at 15ND. The enlisted sailor would probably not have been socializing at an officer’s house in any case, for any reason. That was called “fraternization” and was forbidden by naval & military regulations.

    Rather, I am wondering whether this isn’t some sort of religious gathering that crossed usual organizational lines. In addition to the two Army chaplains (and bearing in mind that 15ND was a Naval facility) the girl sitting with the sailor is wearing a cross on her necklace and everybody is all dressed up. The plethora of older men in civilian clothes also seems strange for a purely naval or military gathering.

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