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An Airplane And Cars, Circa. 1920’s

The caption on the reverse side of this photograph informs us that this image is from the 1920’s. Please help us learn more about this image.UF00083281(3)Can anyone confirm that this is the 1920’s? If not, when do you think this image was captured? Also, where do you think this is?

Does anyone recognize what type of plane this is? Is the plane and the surrounding people part of the military?

How about the vehicles in the background? What to do you know about planes and vehicles in Panama during the 1920’s?

If you have any information about this image, please share with us in the comments section!


  • Jo

    The woman in this photo appears to be Amelia Earhart, based on clothing and physical appearance. She made stops in South America, but there is no reference to Panama. She flew biplanes in the 20’s before their performance became so outdated.

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