Object of the Day

Photograph of students with torch

We know this photograph was taken on May 6, 1952.


Who can you identify in this photograph?

All those photographed are students, can you tell us which school they may have attended?

What is the torch emblem for?

Please share with us in the comments section below!


  • John Schmidt ( BHS 50 )

    We can be sure the photo was taken before 1959…(48 star flag) and also it was a National Honor Society installation of sorts. Note the guys have the habit of rolling their trouser legs up. Don’t recall that in my years at BHS-1946-50

  • Fred Schrader (BHS 53)

    Having graduated from BHS in 1953, I don’t recognize any of these students. I would guess that it was the Nat’l Honor Society at CHS.

  • Margaret Leigh, Principal, Diablo Elementary

    This is a picture of the members of the Cristobal High School Honor Society. From left to right, Caroline Jones, George Ambrose, Sally Morland, Allen Robinette, Margaret Leigh, George Garcia, Edith Eckhoff, Sue Pincus, Robert MacSparren, Rupert Chin and Mary Jo Aycock.

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