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Porto Bello

We know that this photograph was taken at Porto Bello, but we do not have any other information.


What can you tell us about this scene?

What year might this have been taken in?

What is that building in the background?

Please share with us in the comments section below!


  • Barbara T. Hudson

    I think the building in the background is the old House of Customs where they stored the gold before shipping it. If you Google “Portobelo National Park.\” you can find it and lots more. This pictures must have been taken before we got to the Zone in 1969 as it was all cleared off and opened for tourists by then. Now it is a world Heritage site and a preserved national park.

  • Fred Sill

    Before a road was put in to Porto Bello (1940s?) the only easy way to get there was by boat. Adventurous types who wanted to take part in the annual Black Christ Festival in October, could sign up to go on landing craft from Cristobal. Arriving at Porto Bello, it would beach itself, and lower the front ramp to let everyone get off. It’s nice to see a photo of the cannons, still in their same positions after well over two hundred years, long after their wooden trolleys rotted away.

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